The C.C.C. "Clutter FREE for Thirty" CHALLENGE!

In effort to really get those hearts cleaned out, I’m introducing a little challenge to The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up.  Because clutter is what we’re dealing with… let’s nip it in the bud.  Go one step further and be:

Let me explain… even though you may have clutter that’s piled up as a result of Christmases, birthdays, or generous friends, clutter in your home is also the result of buying unneccesary things.  So……  my challenge for you is to go the next 30 days WITHOUT buying ANYTHING that is UNNECCESSARY!  In cleaning out your heart, examine not only what you buy, but what you want.  This could be a very revealing experience for you.

You will have to decide for yourself what is "neccessary", but I believe that if you pray about this and throughout the thirty days, that you will clean up even more areas in your heart that you may not have known needed de-cluttering.

For those of you who have blogs, please feel free to pass this challenge along and link the "button" to this post.  Those who are not doing The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up can still be a part of this challenge!  May God bless you as you continue to de-clutter your heart!

Bless your heart and home,

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The C.C.C. Assignment #1

Okay ladies… we’re up and running!  I’m so happy that you’ve taken the first steps to de-cluttering your heart and homes!  What a great way to start 2007!!  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to "suscribe" to The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up Notification on the sidebar.  This way, you will be notified of all posts about the C.C.C.  Also, if you’d like more "personal" accountability and encouragement, sign up on A CLEAN HEART Forum where you can chat with other women who are in the same boat as you!


  • Don’t forget to print out the additional print outs as well (they’re printed out the "landscape" way)
  • If you don’t already use a journal, there’s one at the end of the booklet.  Print out the cover page (on page 59) and as many journal pages (on page 61) as you’d like.  By using a journal you can keep track of your journey and what the Lord reveals to you throughout this time.  Some day your daughter or daughter-in-law may be struggling and you could look back and remember your own struggles or show her yours to read.  You could either make a separate journal, or put it at the end of your organizer so it’s all together.  This is your organizer, so mark it up, highlight, write your thoughts… use the whole thing as a journal to remember this time of your life.
  • Read to page 17.  STOP!  Spend some time on this.  Don’t go on yet.  I know that your "excited" to get a move on de-cluttering your home, but this isn’t going to be successful if you ignore the heart issue… YOUR HEART!  This isn’t some ‘GET YOUR HOUSE DE-CLUTTERED IN AN HOUR’ kind of thing.  This is goes deeper and addresses the REAL problem.  Ladies, you MUST take some time and examine your heart.  In it lies the answer to your struggles.  This is not a step that you can think about while you’re doing everything else.  YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR HEART OUT FIRST.  Now, realize that this will be a continual process throughout The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up, but you must begin here and spend some time with the Lord before moving on.  After reading up to page 17, fill out page 16 and write some more thoughts in your journal.  Now, I know that this may seem like something you can just skip over and come back to later… but YOU CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you don’t deal with your heart issues first, you will not be successful with de-cluttering your home.  Your heart is the reason behind your clutter, and you and the Lord must deal with it together!  Even if you’ve read further than this already, go back and spend time really looking at your heart.  Your home may be a disaster… but it is a direct correlation to what your heart looks like.

Once again, I’m so glad you’re here and I’m proud of you!  With the Lord’s strength and guidance, you can do this!  Begin this challenge with Him… you can’t do this alone.  Clean your heart before Him and ask Him to join you along this trek.

Bless your heart and home,

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The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up Oganizer is HERE!

It’s here, it’s here!  Get your organizer for the Colossal Clutter Clean-Up (CCC)!  Click the following links to get it.  It’s in two parts, as the first part is to be PRINTED OUT ON BOTH SIDES (adjust your printer so you can save paper!), and the second part is to be PRINTED ONE SIDED ONLY ON THE "LANDSCAPE" SETTING (sideways).

Happy printing and may God bless you as you seek to de-clutter your heart and home in the year 2007!

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The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up Booklet Ready Tonight!

First of all, I’d like to apologize for being later than I’d hoped on this…  I’ve been working on it, and what I thought would be a "quick thing", turned into a little more than I’d anticipated.  I guess God had other plans and as I wrote it out… well, He kept talking!!

So, because "life" doesn’t stop… even for the clutter challenge (can you believe it?!)… I don’t have it completely ready.  Finishing touches are being made and it will be ready this evening sometime.  You can check back here or on A CLEAN HEART Forum OR sign up to be notified (on the sidebar) and then you won’t miss any announcements on it!

There will be a booklet to print out, but all that needs to be done for tomorrow is to read the first devotion (in the booklet).  There is also a set of printables that need to be printed out on the "landscape" setting on your printer and they will be here as well.

If you haven’t already, read the post on "Pre-Colossal Clutter Clean-Up to know what else needs to be done before the challenge.  I’m excited to see what stories you will all have to share, and how God speaks to us through this!

Bless your heart and home,

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WEEK 27: Don't Be a B-A-A-D Sheep

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.  Psalm 23:1 (NKJV)

Computers, DVD, flat screen television, compact discs, stereo systems, convection ovens, microwaves, vacuums, bread machines, blenders, curling irons, blow dryers, front loading washers and dryers…  With advances constantly, there are so many "conveniences" in our world today.  Shopping is no longer contained to the malls, but available through mail and the internet.  So much to see…  So much to want… 

While there are countless things that could be helpful to get your life in order, it’s important not to waste time thinking of, and wishing for things.   Baskets, totes, bins and file cabinets are not bad in and of themselves. However, if too much time is spent dwelling on things, you may find yourself in unsafe waters.  Wanting is dangerous, because it’s a feeling that has a tendency to grow.  It can manifest itself and spread through you like a virus, growing until you are no longer happy with what you have.  

Chances are good that you already possess too much, and that’s how you became overwhelmed to begin with.  You are struggling right now because you have become disorganized to the point where you’re not sure when you’re going to get it all back together.   But, do you still find yourself wanting for more?

A sheep doesn’t have this problem.  A shepherd looks after him.  He takes care of him.  He makes sure that he is nourished and safe.  The sheep has no need to want for anything.    Everything is taken care of for him.  Everything that the sheep needs is provided for by the shepherd.  In the same way, the Lord is your shepherd and you are His sheep.   He will take care of you.  He will make sure that you are nourished and safe.  There is no need for you to want for anything.  He will take care of everything.  Everything that you need will be provided to you by The Good Shepherd.

So, the next time there is something that you would like to have, stop before it consumes you and leads you to discouragement.  Ask the Lord if it’s what He wants for you.  After all, the Shepherd knows what’s best for His sheep.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I confess that too many times I’ve wanted more than I should have.  There are so many enticing things in the world today.  And even though it’s not all bad, I know there are times when I still shouldn’t have wanted them.  I pray that when there’s something that I would like to have that I would bring the request to You Lord, and that You would give me the answer.  I know that there are things that would help me to get organized, and I pray that You would show me those things, and that I would not get more than what I need.  Help me to be wise with my purchases so that I don’t buy more than what I need.  I have too much now Lord, and as a result, have come to where I am now, asking You for guidance and help in getting my life in order.  Thank You for being the Shepherd and loving me enough to take away any need of wanting.  Why should I want when You take care of all that I need?  I pray that this will be carried in my heart, as well as my head.
In Jesus’ name,
© 2004 Amy Verlennich

"Create in Me a Clean Heart" Devotional for the Disorganized is 52 weeks (a year).  If you’d like, you can be notified through email weekly (on Sundays), to read the devotion for the week.  You can begin at any time, as the notification will just be a reminder (you will have to remember what week you’re on). Just go to the sidebar and click Subscribe to the "Create in Me a Clean Heart" Devotional.
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"Pre" Colossal Clutter Clean-Up Challenge

Okay ladies… The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up is fast approaching, and you have some work to do before then.  This week you MUST take down your Christmas decorations, trees, junk… umm… did I say that?!  Okay, I did… and here’s why…

Before you begin this "clutter thing", it’s time to start thinking about the stuff in your life.  I mean, REALLY thinking about it.  Has is taken over you?  Have you become a "slave" to your things?  As you put away your Christmas things, I want you to ask yourself why you have each item.  There will be things that have justified sentimental value.  But how many "sentimental" things can you keep year after year, while accumulating more?


  • Make sure that EVERYTHING you put away for next year’s Christmas has:
    • sentimental value
    • AND/OR meaning tied to Christmas (remember… your children are learning from you and what they see will determine how they decide to "do Christmas" in their homes someday)

This includes lights (how many strings do you need?), tree ornaments (your tree can have special meaning as well… you don’t need to hang something just because you have it.  Make sure that next year’s tree reflects a story of your family as well as the true celebration of Christmas), decorations (make sure everything is used and quit keeping items for "someday"), etc.  By doing this now, you won’t have to deal with it next year, and will also have some "free space" upon getting rid of items in boxes/totes. 

  • As far as getting rid of things… well, if you know of someone who would appreciate something, then bless them!  Otherwise, use the nearest charity shop to donate your items. 
  • If you have a child that will be leaving for college or leaving home, then box their stuff up separately so it will be easy to give them next year for their own decorating of their home or dorm.

We put very little out for Christmas as far as decorations go.  A tall skinny fake tree and a nativity scene.  That’s it and I LOVE it!  Some might say it’s bare in comparison to others, and I’d have to agree… it looks clean and UNCLUTTERED and I’m not taking days to decorate or "tear down".  And as far as the tree goes… this year I decided I would only have ornaments that had sentimental or scriptural value.  Our tree is mainly red that represents the blood that was shed for our sins, and for every plastic heart they put on the tree, we had a verse on love.  We hung up nails with red ribbons representing the nails that put the manger together, as well as the nails that pierced Jesus’ hands and feet.  I also had some gold angels that represented the angel that came to Mary, the angel that came to Joseph, and the angel that came to the shepherds.  I had a gold tarnished heart and told them "Psalm 51:10".  Everything we put on there, I did that with.  If I couldn’t figure something out, then I had the choice to keep it "just because" or get rid of it.  Getting rid of the items brought my Christmas decorations down to just two totes (that includes Christmas tree decorations in one box, and lights and nativity scene in the other).  I have to tell you… it was freeing!

Remember the true celebration behind Christmas, and this year as you put things away, get excited about the upcoming de-cluttered year!  Begin praying about your heart as well by asking the Lord to reveal areas that need attention.

Bless your heart and home,

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Join The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up!

I have an unwanted guest that occasionally comes to my home.  She’s never invited, and I never know when to expect her.  Sometimes she’ll stop in briefly and I can get her to leave before she’s caused too many problems, but other times her visits are longer than I’d like.  She’s decided to "stay a little longer" a few times, and I remember once when she moved in for over a year.  It really took a toll on me, as well as my marriage.  Three definitely was a crowd.  I prayed that God would help me find a way to make her leave.  I knew she had to go.  I wasn’t sure how to go about it though.  She had taken over much of my home, leaving me feeling inadequate.  I hated feeling like a prisoner in my own home, but I did, and it only got worse.  She wasn’t happy unless she was taking over yet another part in my home.  With each room she destroyed, I felt more like a failure.  I was loosing my home, as well as myself.

You may know of my guest. I know she hasn’t just stopped at my home.  I’ve heard that she travels from one place to another doing the same thing to every woman.  Has she been to your home?  Are you familiar with… Chaos? 

    CHAOS is simply…

  • C ontinuous
  • H eartache
  • A nd
  • O verwhelming
  • S tress

While Chaos is a horrible, it doesn’t begin with her… she has a sister that usually visits first to "get the ball rolling".  Her name is Clutter.  Now, Clutter goes a bit more unoticed for a longer period of time.  She works slowly, and is almost invisible until Chaos appears.  You may not even know that Clutter has invaded your home until it’s too late.  She’s very sneaky and can go undetected with your guard down. 
    Clutter is simply:

  • C ontinual
  • L uxuries (and or "litter")
  • U ntil
  • T hey’ve
  • T otally
  • E nveloped
  • R ooms

Clutter is more sentimental than her sister, for she deals with the heart strings.  She pulls at them with no remorse or regard for anyone, and giggles with glee when she convinces someone to hold onto yet another thing… "just in case".  Clutter loves to watch items accumulate, until they have completely taken over one room… and then another… and then another… and then, her job is done, and left for Chaos.

If you’ve let Clutter enter your home, or if Chaos has been staying with you for some time now, it’s time to get your home back… begin by joining:


After last year’s Clean Heart, Clean Home Challenge, there were many women who said they needed to clean out the clutter before "deep cleaning" their home in the CHCHC.  The Colossal Clutter Clean-Up will focus on getting rid of the clutter before the CHCHC (that begins April 1st), and will begin Sunday, January 7th, BUT YOU CAN BEGIN ANYTIME!  Be sure to print out the FREE  COLOSSAL CLUTTER CLEAN-UP ORGANIZER!

If you’d like to be encouraged, as well as chat throughout the CCC, then check out A CLEAN HEART forum and become a registered user.  Weekly updates will be posted there as well.  There will also be a place there that you can sign up to be notified through email when a CCC post is made on the forum so you won’t miss a thing.  Also, if you’d like to help spread the word, use the "bliinkie" and link it to this post so others can learn about the CCC as well.

Book Talk border=

May this year will be a year of change like no other, and may God bless each of us as we seek to clean our homes and hearts in 2007!

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WEEK 25: In All… "Earnestly"

"If you would earnestly seek God and make your supplication to the Almighty, if you were pure and upright, surely now He would awake for you, and prosper your rightful dwelling place."  Job 8:5-6 (NKJV)

Have there been moments in your life where you feel as if you’ve fallen into a hole and have no way of crawling out, wishing you could start all over and somehow make different decisions to avoid the outcome you’ve found yourself in?  Have you ever felt as if you’ve made a wrong turn and have helplessly lost your way?  Where do you turn when you can’t start over?  Where do you find the strength to go on?

The Lord wants us to seek Him earnestly.  To do that, it needs to come from sincere, genuine and thoughtful heart.  Think back to some of the times when you’ve earnestly sought after the Lord.  How many of those times were when you were most desperate?  Unfortunately, times of extreme anxiety and hopelessness, tend to bring us to our knees with the most frank and heartfelt cries.  Now think, how many times when things returned to some form of normalcy, did you not seek Him with the same intense desire?  Did you leave Him on the "side-lines" until another moment came when you could no longer make it on your own? 

What state is your life in now?  On a scale of one to ten, where does your life fall into place with how earnestly you’ve been seeking the Lord?  He wants you to cry out to Him.  He desires you to bring your requests to Him.  Today, choose to desire the Lord always, and not just when things look bleak.  Make the decision to seek Him throughout your days, in everything, and to do it with a heart that cries out like your heart that’s cried out when things have been discouraging.

Sometimes it takes something bad to bring about something good.  Things in your life right now are chaotic and you need help.  Call on the Lord and seek Him earnestly… and then, don’t forget Him when things are beginning to look up.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I’m seeking You with all of my heart and asking You to help me out of the mess that I’m in.  I’ve reached the end of my rope and can’t do this alone.  I need You.  Please help me to get out of this "hole" and back on track.  Give me a sense of purpose and courage to face what lies ahead.  Encourage me to finish what needs to get done, and when things begin "looking up", I pray that I would continue to seek You as desperately as I am now.  I’m sorry for all the times when I’ve looked to You when times were tough and then set You aside.  Please forgive me.  Thank You for Your love and grace.  Thank You for helping me through this.

In Jesus’ name,


© 2004 Amy Verlennich

"Create in Me a Clean Heart" Devotional for the Disorganized is 52 weeks (a year).  If you’d like, you can be notified through email weekly (on Sundays), to read the devotion for the week.  You can begin at any time, as the notification will just be a reminder (you will have to remember what week you’re on). Just go to the sidebar and click Subscribe to the "Create in Me a Clean Heart" Devotional.


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Just letting you know that I've made a quick post on the DANDELION SEEDS Blog to update all of you.

I'm still working on many things in my home, and will post more when I can.  I think of all of you often, as this site and people who have signed up and commented are so dear to my heart.  I ache to hear of your struggles, and I'm truly humbled by how the Lord has used me to be a part in each of your lives.

As I press on to be what the Lord has created me to be, it's your words of encouragement that enable me, and your questions and tears that make me press on. 
Dear sisters… we ARE unique.  We may struggle, but in those struggles, He is waiting for us to draw nearer to Him.  Don't hesitate another moment.  Look to Him.  He has the answers.  We were made by Him, and He has a purpose for us.  Don't give into the lies you hear of inadequacy and unworthiness.  They are not from the Lord.  Cling to the Lord, ladies.  Hang in there… and listen… just listen.

I will be back as soon as I can.
Bless your heart and home,

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A Filling Fast…

I am leaving for a little while… please click the following link to read about it.  Bless you all.

In Him,

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